Asian Long-Horned Beetle Eradicated From Canada

Asian Long-Horned Beetle Eradicated From Canada
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The Asian Long-Horned Beetle Eradicated From Canada

The Asian long horned beetle has been found yet again by Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) in the Pearson airport area since this article was originally posted. For more details on the airport area and dumping of wood and remaining wastage, you can refer to the new article “Asian long horned beetle back in Canada.”

Landscape Ontario has reported that with the combined efforts of federal, provincial and municipal authorities, Canada has successfully eliminated the Asian long-horned beetle (ALHB). It took almost the period of a decade. Now the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Natural Resources has announced the free movement of ALHB prone tree materials, including nursery stock, trees, logs, lumber, wood, and bark and wood chips.

Until 2003, it was thought that the Asian long-horned beetle was not found naturally in Canada, but its detection in the cities of Vaughan and Toronto proved everyone wrong. The CFIA started the visual inspections of the places in order to get the estimate of the spread of the pest and the magnitude of the loss it had caused to many broadleaf trees, such as maple, birch, elm, poplar and willow.

To save the uninfected areas of the southern part of the City of Vaughan and the North West part of the City of Toronto, CFIA issued an order as “the Asian Long-Horned beetle Infested Place Order.” In the infected areas, approximately 30,000 trees were cut. After the complete eradication of the disease, the order was cancelled.

December 2007 was the last time when the ALHB was discovered in the regulated area. No other area in Canada was ever detected with this pest.

Unfortunately, no method has yet been found to stop the pest naturally. The only technique to wipe out the pest from the infected area is to cut down all the vulnerable trees. A similar procedure was opted in September 2003, when the ALHB was detected by CFIA in the cities of Vaughan and Toronto. All diseased and risky trees were removed within a 200 or 400 meter radius to eradicate the spread of the beetle to uninfected trees.