Tree Fertilization


Trees and shrubs growing in their natural habitats rarely display symptoms of nutrient deficiency. This is due not only to the natural recycling of nutrients which is a common occurrence in nature, but also to the fact that plants in the wild typically grow only where they can adapt best or have a competitive advantage.

Nurseries, street trees, and landscape plantings are, an artificial habitat. Soils can vastly different from those of the native habitat of a given plant, which can result in alteration of the nutrient recycling systems or diminishing as a result of unsophisticated planting schemes (planting in turf areas) or maintenance practices (collection of fallen leaves).

For the reasons above it is important to simultaneously apply fertilizers to the soil beneath ornamental trees and shrubs to replenish essential mineral elements and to promote healthy growth.

When it comes to field nurseries, it is vital to carefully select correct fertilizers that are best suited to the site. A program of cultural practices that sustains or replenishes soil organic matter and nutrients should also be established. These practices might include incorporating compost into soils at the pre-planting stage, cover cropping and applying organic mulches. Timely and knowledgeable maintenance of soil fertility and attention to plant nutritional requirements is at the key of an effective Plant Health Care program (IPM).

To increase oxygen inflow through additionally loosening the soil high-pressure equipment is used during tree fertilization. Our fertilization technique is a blend of scientific mixtures and traditional methods, making it environmentally friendly and efficient with no mess.

Healthy trees are much less likely to cause costly problems, reducing the need of extensive and constant pruning or the removal of the tree.





* up to three trees on the property



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