Tree Planting


Mississauga, Toronto Tree Planting Service


Tree Care Specialists tree planting service is popular within Toronto and Mississauga households since we are committed to providing professional services for competitive price. We plant the trees of your choice in the place you wish, and we will plant it correctly, so it will grow healthy without endangering your property.

We guarantee to apply highest level of professionalism and care in every job, large or as small as planting one or two trees.

Correct time to plant the trees is in early spring before bud break, or in the fall right after leaf drop. Spring is generally a better time for planting, because nurseries have just received new stock and choices are much greater. Trees can also be planted during the growing season, but watering during that period is even more crucial.

Tree Planting for Residents

Think of trees not only as beautiful nature scenery but also a significant investment for little expense and easy maintenance, that will provide you with countless benefits in future.

All green vegetation produces oxygen at the same time absorbing harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, airborne ammonia, etc. The greatest role of tree in that procedure is to provide natural habitat for many varieties of fauna. You should also remember that an urban landscape with many young trees will have a higher property value than a bare land.

Correctly planted row of selected trees becomes a good barrier from the wind, also limiting soil erosion and chances of flooding. Planting a tree perimeter around your house can save you up to 30% in utility costs as well since trees will shelter your house from the sun, rain, and wind. When planted and maintained correctly, trees will help you save on air-conditioning costs during the summer and reduce winter heating costs by trapping heated air, and protecting from cold winds.

Tree Planting for Businesses

Tree Care Specialists has built up a reputation of a reliable partner in large-scale tree planting projects. We assisted the City of Toronto, Ministry of Transportation, Parks and Recreation Division, and lots of different large, medium and small businesses with tree-planting tasks.

By planting trees around city streets you will prolong the life of pavement while relaxing drivers and reducing glare. Trees are known for reducing stress levels in drivers, and therefore contribute to safe and enjoyable commuting. Just one line of trees planted beside the city street or a highway can help to remove up to 60% of the harmful gasses from the air.

Besides their air cleansing ability, trees planted in the city absorb 50% of noise pollution. Trees help to filter water, and increase the rate of ground-water recharge by several dozens of times. And finally trees decorate the city making it appealing for any visitors.



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