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Toronto Tree Trimming and Pruning Service


Trees have to be treated as any other investment. They should be taken proper and professional care to increase the potential return in form of by bearing fruits and flowers, providing shade in the scorching

Well maintained trees also make your garden look appealing thereby significantly increasing the value of your assets. Nevertheless, if ignored or poorly maintained, trees are exposed to such risks as diseases, pest and insect attacks, which will usually result in them dying.

Unlike a home gardener with limited resources knowledge, when it comes to tree maintenance, our experts have the required equipment, machinery and skill to execute a variety of preventative maintenance, routine care, emergency maintenance, tree and tree stump removal along with pest control services.

Our certified arborists specialize in tree pruning, trimming services and will respond to emergency and casual call-outs in reasonable time.

When it comes to tree pruning, you should remember that it is a rather complicated job which doesn’t mean chopping branches here and there. Pruning helps to direct the growth of younger trees and it gives a sound structure for the tree’s development, making it strong internally and appealing on the outlook.

Mature trees also need regular pruning to get rid of infected, broken and infested branches in order to minimize or eliminate the danger at once. If left unattended for long, such trees have every chance of infecting surrounding plants or dying prematurely.


Trimming and Pruning Standards under ANSI A300

Regardless of the type of pruning there are specific standards to be followed by arborists. These standards have been developed by the American National Standards Institute and are referred to as “ANSI A300″. Some of the more important guidelines for basic pruning operations under ANSI A300 include:


Do not - make flush cuts!
Do not - “top” or “lion tail” a tree!
Do not - prune more than 25% of total live growth in a single year unless circumstances warrant!
Do not - damage other parts of the tree during pruning operations!
Do not - use wound paint!

Types Of Prunings

Pruning a tree may sound like a straight forward operation, but in practice there are many different types of pruning services, so take a moment and review the types of pruning services that are available so that your query to us can be more accurate:

Crown cleaning - - Pruning for health and safety by removing dead, diseased and broken branches.
Crown thinning - - Pruning to reduce density of live branches, typically to allow more sunlight, better air circulation, or reduced weight stress.
Crown raising - - Removal of lower branches to provide vertical clearance over a yard, house or other structure.
Crown reduction - - Decreasing height and/or spread. This type of pruning is generally restricted to trees with a structural flaw, such as a split or cavity.
Crown restoration - - Pruning to improve the structure, form, and appearance of trees that have been severely headed, vandalized or damaged.
Vista pruning - - Pruning to allow a specific view.
Other - - Pruning for other specific needs, such as to clear from utility lines, driveways or other nearby trees.



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